1. International Flavors & Fragrances

2018 Property Tax Bill: $652,910

International Flavors & Fragrances on Route 36 is Hazlet Township’s top assessed property, with a total value of $24,784,300. The global company owns 52 acres at 600-650 Route 36 classified as industrial property, assessed at $23,491,200

The rest is in vacant property. IFF holds 7 acres at 680 Route 36 and 42 acres on Union Avenue, assessed at $1,293,100. The official name of the property owner is SCP 2002B-Hazlet, LLC Thomson Reuters of Philadelphia. In 2014, it announced the grand opening of its photovoltaic solar installation on 20 acres of its property, supporting an effort towards clean energy.

2. Hazlet Town Center

2018 Property Tax Bill: $595,178

Doesn’t look like much now, but the former K-Mart/Pathmark shopping center under complete renovation is second on Hazlet’s list of highest assessed properties. Its 2018 assessment was $22,538,400. Formerly known as Bayshore Plaza, the new name of the plaza is Hazlet Town Center. The owner of the property is OASG Hazlet, LLC of Charlotte, North Carolina, a company owned by Onyx Equities of Woodbridge. The 19.8 acre property at 3010-3054 Route 35 includes the restaurant pad presently occupied by TGIF.