2020 Hazlet Mayor is Mike Glackin, Deputy Mayor Tara Clark

Glackin and Clark
Mayor Mike Glackin posed for a photo with Deputy Mayor Tara Clark following the Jan. 1, 2020 Hazlet Township Committee reorganization meeting at Town Hall.
Photo by Christina Johnson

HAZLET – Michael Glackin is Hazlet Township’s new mayor, taking the reins from former 2019 Mayor Scott Aagre. The deputy mayor is now Tara Clark, who is succeeding Glackin in that role.  

Both Township Committee members were sworn in Jan. 1 at the annual organization meeting for one year terms by Monmouth County Freeholder Sue Kiley, a former Hazlet mayor. Colleagues and township leaders present at the ceremony joined family members in applause.  

“I’m very excited for this new year, new decade, Hazlet Township will be entering into,” Glackin said in his speech, which he delivered with enthusiasm, standing before the audience instead of speaking from his chair. Last year, he noted, the governing body under Aagre’s leadership kept the township budget from growing bigger while still funding important improvements for the police, first aid and launching a long term road program, he said.

But he added, “We can always improve.” In 2020, communications will take a big step forward with the rollout of a new township website, as overseen by Clark. There will be improvements to township parks and recreation areas and the road paving and repair program will continue. Even the possibility of townwide trash pick-up service, an issue raised by Hazlet Democrats in last year’s election, will be investigated.

“We will continue to work and explore. Nothing’s off limits. We’re going to check out everything,” said Glackin, who joined the governing body in 2016. “We will continue to help our merchants and our commercial property owners explore new ways to build our community and build our economy.” Glackin is a financial controller for a commercial holdings and land development company in Neptune City.

The appointment was supported by their colleagues on the dais, Committeemen James “Skip” McKay, Scott Aagre and Michael Sachs. Prior to the announcement, Glackin and Aagre were sworn in to three year terms after winning last year’s election.

Group photo
Proud friends and family snapped photos of the 2020 government leaders. From left, Committeeman Skip McKay, Mayor Mike Glackin, Freeholder Sue Kiley, Deputy Mayor Tara Clark, Committeman Michel Sachs and Committeeman Scott Aagre
Photo by Christina Johnson

Also at the meeting, resolutions were passed for a temporary budget and 2020 cash management plan.

The following professionals and volunteers were appointed by resolution:

 Township Engineer: Greg Valesi of CME Associates

Township Attorney: James Gorman, Esq.

Labor Attorney: Matthew Giacobbe, Esq. of Cleary, Giacobbe,
Alfieri & Jacobs

Township Auditor: Jerry Conaty

Bond Counsel: Gibbons P.C.

Township Planner: Fred Heyer, Heyer, Gruel & Associates

Consulting Engineer: Robert Keady, Jr. of T&M Associates

Municipal Prosecutor for Hazlet and Matawan Court: Paul Granick, Esq.

Public Defender for Hazlet and Matawan Court: Raymond Raya, Esq.

Improvement Search Officer: Evelyn Grandi

Confirmation of appointments of Township Fire Chief, First and Second Assistants: Joseph J. Schroeck, Chief; 1st Assistant, Christopher Alcott; 2nd Assistant Patrick Woods

Land Use Board: Michael Glackin (Class 1); Thomas Horner (Class 2); Michael Sachs (Class 3); John Percia (Alternate #1) Michael Lencsak (Alternate #3)

Public Compliance Officer: Dennis Pino

Environmental Commission (Mayor’s appointment): Steve Marchi, Ronald Isenberg, Kathleen Pollitta (alternate)

Open Space Advisory Council: (Mayor’s appointment) Edward Young (Alternate #2)

Official Newspapers: Asbury Park Press and The Independent

Hazlet Township Safety Committee: Ken Lind, Gail Scaglione, Scott Mura, Ken Kruk, Ed Hoover, Scott Aagre and Dennis Pino.

Bayshore Regional Environmental Council: Walter Clark, Ron Dente

Township Physician: Antonios Tsompanidis, D.O., of Hazlet

Township Chiropractor: Staci Addessi, D.C., of Hazlet

Employee Assistance Consultant: Michael J. Khan, Ph.D, C.P.M., C.E.A.P. of Employee Consulting Associates, Maplewood

Monmouth County Office of Aging municipal coordinator and alternate (Mayor’s appointment): Bill Lawton and Lillian Lawton

Recreation Advisory Committee: (Mayor’s appointment) Steve Sanfilippo, Tricia Sheldrick

Library Commission: Ursula Glackin and Walter Clark

Green Team Advisory Committee: Sharon Keegan, Ron Dente, Bob Friesendorf

Program for Public Information (PPI) Committee: (This group was formed in 2014 to enhance public safety, protect property and preserve the natural functions of floodplains, and to reduce flood insurance premiums for citizens of Hazlet); Scott Aagre, Tara Clark, Annie Eng, Joe Pobega, Joe Barris and Meghan Leavey.

OEM Coordinator: Tom Horner

Standing committees assignments were also approved:

A. Dept. of Public Works: Aagre, co-chairman, Sachs, co-chairman

B. Public Safety Liaison: Fire Dept., First Aid and OEM, McKay; Police, Glackin

C. Insurance: Aagre, Chairman

D. Library Commission: Clark, co-chairwoman; McKay, co-chairman

E. Environmental Commission / Green Team: Aagre, co-chairman; Clark, co-chairwoman

F. Finance and Control Purchasing: Clark, chairwoman

G. Recreation Advisory Committee: Glackin, co-chairman; McKay, co-chairman

H. Sewer utility: Aagre, co-chairman; Sachs, co-chairman

I. Board of Education: Aagre, co-chairman; McKay, co-chairman

J. Personnel Committee: Glackin, chairman

K. Hazlet’s PTO Liaison: Aagre, co-chairman; Clark, co-chairwoman

L. Swim Club: Aagre, co-chairman, McKay, co-chairman

M. Open Space: Glackin, chairman

N. Construction: Aagre, chairman

O. Econonomic Development: Aagre-co-chairman; Clark, co-chairwoman

P. Land Use Board: Sachs, co-chairman; Glackin, co-chairman

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