18 thoughts on “Holmdel’s Affordable Housing Slated for Middle Road, Route 35, Palmer Ave.

    • The same reason they put their shopping centers on the outskirts of town… so they don’t have to look at them. They have an over abundance of land, but yet this is where they stick their affordable housing. Middle Road is already a mess with traffic over there…

      • Agreed Bob. They want to shove it all to the town borders. Not touching one GIANT parcel near Crawford’s Corner. Oh, no, that would infringe upon THEIR property value.

  1. How do I condemn this project? No one wants their property values crashed and crime rate rising with low income trash bringing their garbage cars with fart cans, domestic fights, etc.

    • Affordable housing is not low income trash, try county and municipal workers who don’t make a living wage. Ask around before spinning inaccurate information.

      • Nothing I stated is inaccurate. The Liberals got their minimum wage, especially for illegal aliens. That amounts to a minimum of $31,000 a year. Name one county or municipal full time salary that makes less. The answer is none. To qualify for this Low Income, you need to make less than $23,000. Unless you are disabled, retired or abusing welfare, the minimum wage disqualifies you. Oh Noes! So now you deal with the facts and cry me a river.

  2. This state can take the Adoption of N.J.A.C. 5:96 and 5:97 by the New Jersey Council on
    Affordable Housing (the “Mt. Laurel IV”), AND SHOVE IT. Screw the Mt. Laurel doctrine and screw the low income trash. They trash their old place and then move on to trash a new place, then move to trash a new place. Don’t like what I said? Too bad so sad the truth hurts. Go move to Newark and the Liberal hubs where there is plenty of low income housing.

  3. There is also rumor about a WAWA replacing Olympic Tire. They go hand in hand. Deal right out of the WAWA and walk across the street to Low income rentals. Not even houses but an apartment building. Unbelievable. Talk about ruining a community….ours though not theirs.

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