Liberty Place Section to Get Road Improvements

Repaving and widening plans have been announced for a section of Hazlet between South Laurel and Route 36.

HAZLET – Some additional roads off South Laurel Ave. near Route 36 will be included in the township’s ongoing capital improvement plan.

Township Administrator Dennis Pino said in a statement Oct. 24 that the change was “due to residents’ requests and other factors.”

This is not a permanent fix, he said, but the resurfacing work preserve the integrity of the roads as the program progresses.

The following roads indicated in red on the map will have their remaining areas of pavement restored to a complete full width: Liberty Place, Oakview Drive, Franklin Ave., Compton Ave., Hillside Ave., Rose Terrace, Thorne Place, Byrn Place and Trumen Place.

The following roads indicated in yellow and blue will have their pavement restored to a full width, completing the neighborhood.
Rapelye Place, Hopkins Terrace, Woody Terrace, Sidney Terrace, Ivadell Place, Liberty Place and Franklin Ave.

The decision was discussed in the Township Committee workshop meeting of Oct. 15. The Township Committee authorized the township engineer to broaden the scope of the project.

For information or questions, contact Dennis Pino at 732-264-1700, extension 8667.

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