Mayor Says Town Will Pay for HYAL Sound System

HYAL announcements are made by an announcer in the pressbox, as seen in this Oct. 7, 2018 photo.
Photo by Christina Johnson

HAZLET –At a meeting Thursday evening at Town Hall between Hazlet Youth Athletic League leaders, elected officials and neighbors with noise complaints, Mayor Scott Aagre said the township offered to evaluate and potentially replace the nonprofit club’s public address system to keep the peace.

“The town’s going to go in with a town engineer and do a sound system for them,” said Aagre, as he exited Town Hall. He described the hourlong meeting between the feuding parties as “positive.”

The process will begin with an analysis by the township engineer of what equipment exists, where the speakers are located and how it affects neighbors, he said. “If baffles have to be put in, we’ll see what needs to be done.”

“If its engineered system, at least we’ll know what’s there,” he said. Aagre did not know how much what it would cost until the engineer visits in coming days. The club’s final event is Tuesday, he said.

The money could potentially come from Open Space or Green Meadows funds, which can be used for recreation purposes, he said.

A joint announcement by HYAL and the town would be shared with the public soon, possibly on Monday, he said.

The township leases the football field to HYAL for $1 a year. In recent years, the township has helped built the football fields, created a paved walking trail, installed fencing, provided an accessible ramp for the bleachers and paid for a playground, said Aagre.

The town had not been asked help before with paying for a better sound system. “Of course we always step in, we don’t step away from it,” he said.

Sitting at the table at Town Hall’s caucus room Thursday night were government representatives Aagre, deputy mayor Mike Glackin and township administrator Dennis Pino. For HYAL, it was executive director Karen Bachmann, president Seb Burton, commissioners Scott and Christine Goldsberry, corresponding Secretary Joe Szutyanyi and treasurer Shelly Kret. Holmdel Road residents Bob Rose attended, and Jennifer Grenger, was on speakerphone. Police Chief Meehan was not present.

Though the meeting was not intended for the public, it was not officially advertised or closed under the Open Public Meetings Act so Hazlet Democratic Club leaders Kevin Lavan, Barbara Ronchetti and Jim DiNardo said they chose to attend as observers. Former township committeewoman Ronchetti is running with Lucille LoSapio and Ryan O’Steen for two open seats in the township committee election on Nov. 5 against Republicans incumbents Aagre, Glackin and committeeman Michael Sachs.

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