‘Inner Calm, Healthy Life’ Inspires Hazlet Therapist’s Expansion

Adam Novick and Robyn DeRespinis of Inner Clarity, LLC
Inner Clarity owners Robyn DeRespinis, LCSW and Adam Novick recently unveiled a new expansion of their offices. Inner Clarity, LLC at 22 Village Court, Hazlet.
Photo by Christina Johnson

HAZLET – The six therapists’ rooms at Inner Clarity are decorated in calming tones, natural textures, and comfy seating. Large, colorful paintings on the wall in each office are meant to inspire positivity. There is the butterfly to express change, a swan displays grace and a galloping horse exudes power.  

The décor reflects the perspective of Robyn DeRespinis, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  who believes people can be helped through struggles by tapping into their own inner strength. At a busy open house event Tuesday, Oct. 15 she showed off Inner Clarity’s newly renovated and expanded offices in the Village Court complex in Hazlet where therapists with different specialties can meet with individuals, couples and groups in the inviting rooms.

“The idea is we wanted a spa-like feel, to have it feel calm, homey,” she said, during a walk-through.

Adam Novick in one of Inner Clarity's newly renovated rooms.
The offices will be used by six different therapists with clinical training in areas of specialization to conduct private individual and group sessions.
Photo by Christina Johnson

DeRespinis graduated from Columbia University and is a 16-year veteran of her field. She has worked in Hazlet for several years, first with her father-in-law, Patrick DeRespinis, a pediatric ophthalmologist in Village Court. In 2014 she opened her own solo practice, renting space at 9 Village Court. The decision to purchase a larger, permanent office space at 22 Village Court and expand represents confidence that Inner Clarity has the potential to help even more people, said her brother and business partner, Adam Novick.

“Right now, we have about six therapists and we’re growing. Our goal is to essentially grow, probably double in size from there,” said Novick.

The office professionals counsel people who need help with conditions such as ADHD, anger management, autism-spectrum disorder, divorce, depression, domestic violence, grief and self-harming behaviors.

A therapy room at Inner Clarity
The offices are decorated to reflect themes like strength, as represented by an eagle.
Photo by Christina Johnson

But reflecting its humanistic, holistic approach, Inner Clarity also offers guidance in mindfulness-based strategies. A group is forming to teach adults how to enhance overall wellness with yoga, guided imagery, essential oils, creative writing, crystals and more.

Currently, Inner Clarity does not take insurance, though that may change in the future. “We’re in the process of impaneling with insurance,” said DeRespinis. “And then we have also options for out of network private pay. The idea is we want to provide high quality mental health services for everybody.” The practice may also include a psychiatrist or psychiatric RN in the future.

Treatment is available for people of all ages, including very young children and the elderly. The office has an accessible entrance. The office can be contacted at 732-639-0232 or through its website.

Inner Clarity is currently accepting referrals for groups focused on teen coping skills, adoptee support, mindfulness and meditation, and support groups for parents and loved ones affected by borderline personality disorder.

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