The Hazlet Thunderettes Still Marching On, After 60 Years

HAZLET –In all of the state of New Jersey, there may only be a half dozen competitive baton twirling teams left.
Hazlet can boast it is home to one of them.

This year the Hazlet Thunderettes twirling team is marking its 60th year with a schedule of performances in parades and in contests. They are 34 members strong and counting.

On Saturday, at Hazlet Day, they put on a synchronized

performance. At their tent, they displayed batons and handed out flyers.

“We’ve had multiple people come up to us today and tell us, ‘I was a Thunderette’ and start twirling with us. Or, ‘My daughters were Thunderettes,” said Harley Cunha, 23, who joined the team as a child.

These days she coaches the team with Jenna Rasp, 20, who joined when she was 9. They are both college students in New Jersey, but missed twirling. Now they come back to help come back to coach two or three nights a week.

Rasp said the squad welcomes boys and girls from local towns who want to learn, have fun, be on a team and like a challenge. “Some of the tricks, it takes years to even catch it, so they really learn perseverance,” she said.

Hazlet Thunderettes
Jenna Rasp, left, a coach with the Hazlet Thunderettes, helped lead a performance at Hazlet Day on Sept. 28, 2019


There are teams for all ages and abilities.

Registration is Friday, Oct. 4 at the Cullen Center, 1776 Union Avenue in Hazlet from 7-8:30 p.m. Ages: 3½ & Up Boys & Girls

Fees: Annual Registration Fee: $55.00 (Registration Includes Required T-Shirt); Baton Purchase Fee: $20.00; Monthly Fee: $30; Additional Fee for Costume (not to exceed $100); 10% Discount if Paid in Full for Entire Year by Oct 30. Annual registration, baton and first month’s tuition fees due at registration.

Twirlers must be present at registration for measurements.

Classes will be held weekly on Mondays or Tuesdays (depending on team placement) from October through May.

For more information: Facebook @hazletthunderettes. or e-mail:

Historic photos supplied by Hazlet Thunderettes.

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