Hazlet Obituaries

Here are links to obituaries of recently departed Hazlet residents. Click on the name to read the obituary.
Links to obituaries may be emailed to editor@hazletonian.com to be included on the site.

August, 2019:

George Edward Schneider, 78
Anastasia Piro, 88
Casey John Dunham, 39
Antoinette DiDomenico, 92
Gloria M. Hanson, 72
Charles Kaye, 91
Joseph R. Martin, 60
John J. Pais, 68
Susan (Larity) Russo, 73
Carl J. Sewalk, 102

July, 2019:

Evelyn G. Brand (Memoriam)
Caryl Calhoun, 85
Jacqueline M. Devenney, 63
Janet R. Dorr, 82
Joseph Gavini, 73
John C. Gebauer, 85
Dorothy Krakoski, 86
Eric Mason, 33
Barbara L. Mazza, 89
Alberte A. Morin, 95
Eileen R. Morgan, 91
Mary Teresa (Handschin) Scherzinger , 86
Clive B. Sohan, 75
Gloria V. Thorne, 96
Joan D. Trejo, 82

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