One Stolen Car Recovered, One Still Missing

Police have recovered a white 2015 Lexus IS stolen from stolen from Raritan Valley in the early hours of Sunday, June 16. But they are still hunting for a 2018 grey Ford Edge that also went missing that night.

According to Hazlet Police, the vehicles were driven away from Cork Place and Kerry Drive around 3 a.m. The theft was captured on surveillance video by some of the neighbors’ cameras and discovered at 9:30 a.m. the next morning. Police could not make any positive identifications from the video because of the lack of lighting and the drizzling weather.

In the video, police said two vehicles drove through the area, then stopped. An unidentified person got out and appeared to be wearing gloves, police noted.An individual got into the Lexus and drove it away.The three vehicles then continued, like a convoy, and stopped at the second vehicle, the Ford Edge, police said. Again, an individual got out of one of the cars, into the Ford Edge, and all four vehicles then drove away, apparently leaving the area.

Both vehicles that were stolen were unlocked and had the key fob inside of the vehicle, according to Lt. Scott Mura.“The actors specifically targeted newer cars where it is obvious to tell if the key is in the vehicle or not based on the position of the side view mirrors. The thefts took no more that 15 minutes of driving around,” he said.

The Lexus has been discovered in Newark in the same condition it was when stolen, minus the key, he said.

Hazlet police urge all residents to lock their doors and to remove keys, or spare keys, from inside of the vehicle. 

Also, as a side precaution, owners should not leave any valuables visible in the vehicle, such as laptops, or other electronics, as these can easily be stolen by breaking a window.

if anyone may have any other video from the morning hours of June 16 around 3:00 am, that shows any suspicious activity please contact Det. Ryan McAndrews at 732-264-6565 ext.110.

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