Man Flees Accident on Friend’s Motorcycle, Say Police

Hazlet Police Dept.

HAZLET – Near midnight last night, a motorcyclist arrived at the scene of an accident on Route 36 East to find a couple laying in the road.

The couple’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle rear-ended a Toyota stopped at the red light at Rose Lane, police say.

The couple got up quickly, helped to the side of the road by the man, who they recognized as their friend. He tried to help the injured female motorcycle passenger.

Meanwhile, the male accident victim, whom witnesses say was Michael Livingston, 40, of Old Bridge, jumped on his friend’s motorcycle and took off, leaving his injured girlfriend and 2008 Harley Davidson at the scene.

When Hazlet Police arrived at the scene, they said the girlfriend appeared inebriated. The Belford woman told police she and Livingston had been drinking at Jakeabob’s in Union Beach. Hazlet First Aid transported her to Bayshore Hospital for treatment of a serious cut on her knee.

Through their investigation, police learned that a man who looked like Livingston had walked into the emergency room with a bleeding cut on his leg, then quickly exited entering a white SUV.  

Police said that in a cellphone call, Livingston denied he was involved in the accident, stating he was in Pennsylvania helping his mother.

Police charged Livingston for following too closely, reckless driving, careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, and delaying traffic in the June 26 incident.

A municipal court date is set for July 8.

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