What Triggered That Police Response at Sam’s Mobile Court Last Week

HAZLET –The large police presence at Sam’s Mobile Park on June 5 was related to helping a Hazlet resident get the help he needs.

According to a police spokesman, a medical screener who checks in regularly with a 42-year old resident living at Sam’s Mobile Court asked Hazlet Police to accompany him to visit the patient. The man had gone off his medication, which he takes for a mental condition.

The sight of police waiting for the medical advocate to arrive triggered a response that caused the man to become violent, breaking windows in his trailer. According to the police account, he threatened to kill police if they came near, and threatened them with a broken glass bottle.

The Monmouth County Emergency Response Team (MOCERT). was called in to secure the resident and bring him to the hospital around 5 p.m. The county police presence at the trailer park on busy Route 36 caught the attention of many passing by.

“We go through yearly training on how to deal with emotionally disturbed persons,” said Lt. Scott Mura. From experience, police know that a situation can quickly go wrong, especially if a struggle ensues and the subject has a weapon. Calling in the SWAT Team to handle such cases is recommended, said Mura, for the sake of the officers and the troubled person. “It causes the least amount of damage,” he said.

Typically the MOCERT team handles barricaded subjects. In February, police summoned them to help handle a situation in a different Hazlet trailer park.

The man was charged on a summons for weapons possession, threatening violence and resisting arrest. He was released to the custody of a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

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