Home Sales in Hazlet, March 2019

773 Poole Ave., Hazlet
A home at 773 Poole Ave. sold for $327,500 in March.

In March, three Hazlet mobile home communities were sold in to Horizon Land Co. for $14 million. Read the story on The Hazletonian.
Also, a suite in Bethany Commons was sold to psychiatrist Jaspreet Uppal & Perneet Sood for $174,500. More about the Dr. Uppal’s new practice.

Residential sales:
Listed by address, purchaser, seller and closing price.

12 Northfield Court
Tunji & Kehinde Olatubosun
(MTGLQ Investors, LP Goldman Sachs)

12 Limerick Place
Thomas Barnes & Marissa Colombo
(EN Real Estate LLC of Lakewood)

2 Angela Circle
Christopher Higgins
(Henry & Ellen Gong)

518 Line Road
Jamie Ann LaMacchia & D. Cammarosano
(Rafaela and Ernest Sanchez Jr.)

6 Cannonball Court
Caitlin Altschuler & S. Zaccagnino
John & Elaine O’Sullivan

31 Lisa Drive
Joseph Gansas & Rachel Roman
(John Bird & Jamie Hirschhorn(

3 Evergreen St.
Agim & Yifete Demiroviq
(Steven & Esternia Bodarky)

9 Scott Drive
Elizabeth & Jeffrey Welsh
(Valerie Garcia)

28 Park View Drive
AnnMarie Mucciariello
(Brenda Guerin)

272 Middle Road
Eric & Christine Schwartz
(272 Middle Rd LLC of Lakewood)

8 Barry Lane
Michael & Kimberly DeOliveria
(John and Laura Deno)

9 Crescent Place
Jonathan & Allison Weinberger
(Barbara Potter)

773 Poole Ave.
John, Michael and Eaton Suvajac
(Christian K. & Talia Sailer)

11 Roland Place
George Farkouh & Valerie Clements
(Scott Werhner)

13 Roland Place
Patricia Mastrion
(Gladys Delgado)

5 Sophia Drive
Ridgeback Enterprises of Brick
(Keith McBride)

41 Briscoe Terrace
Chad Bennett
(Lillian Granger)

45 Dartmouth Drive
Michael Taylor, Jr.
(Joseph III & Crystal Cattano)

4 Beaver St.
(Vera Reed)

161 Laurel Ave.
Carrie & Francesco Virgilio
(Fannie Mae; Fein, Such, et al, attorney)

44 Hazlet Ave.
Gennadiy Barskiy
(Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.)

6 Brown Ave.
Bryan T. Vistad
(Sheila C. Burns, Executrix)

96 Franklin Ave.
DS Vista Developers of Morganville
Robert Terry Jr. & Mary Ann Bumbico

202 South Park Ave.
Star Real Properties, LLC
(Home Point Financial Corp.)

16 Leocadia Court
American Craftsman NJ LLC of Hazlet
16 Leocadia of Brooklyn

This article was updated with additional sales on May 5.

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