What’s Going On Next To Sycamore Drive School

A lot across from Kailley Court, near the Hazlet Post Office was cleared for security reasons.

HAZLET –Recently, some traveling near the post office noticed the wooded area between Sycamore Drive School and Hazlet Avenue was cleared.

It wasn’t for condos, and wasn’t to build a construction access road, said Hazlet Business Administrator Christopher Mullins. It’s because the school district had heard reports that “there was someone living there, or homeless people occupying the woods,” he said.

Mullins said a bed, shopping cart and some personal items were found in the lot.

“With our youngest children there at Sycamore, we decided to just clear it out for security reasons,” said Mullins.

“By cleaning it out we now have a cleaner line of sight,” said Mullins. Also, removing the underbrush and growth will help address a drainage problem affecting a nearby sports field at district’s preschool and kindergarten facility.

The remaining stumps will be ground down, and there are plans to plant some flowering pear trees.

Hazlet Police Lt. Scott Mura said the department was not aware of anyone camping in the lot.

The removal of dead and dying trees and weeds were also addressed around Middle Road School, which is situated near wetlands.

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  1. I often walk my dog from Hazlet Ave to field to throw fresby fetch. Never saw anyone living there. Did see possum , racoons , and the two Turkeys that are often seen in the area would stay overnight.
    Dumping is normally resolved by cleanup of the items dumped.

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