Hazlet’s Government Is Now All-Republican

Tara Clark and James "Skip" McCay
New Township Committee members Tara Clark and James “Skip” McCay at the Tuesday, Jan. 1 government reorganization meeting.

With the swearing-in today of two new Committee members Tara Corcoran Clark and James “Skip” McCay, Hazlet Republicans now have full control over the 5-member Township Committee.

In recent years, Republicans have enjoyed the majority but Democrats have shared the dais. Clark and McKay replace Democrats Barbara Ronchetti and James DiNardo, who chose not to run again. Democrats John Bird and Ryan O’Steen ran, but lost, in the 2018 election.

At today’s reorganization meeting, held at noon at Town Hall, the unified governing body appointed Committeeman Scott Aagre to continue in his current role as mayor in 2019. The deputy mayor will be Mike Glackin.

Aagre welcomed the new members and read the same speech he delivered at last year’s organization meeting which underscores the town’s continued focus on much-needed road repairs, infrastructure renovations shared services and pride in the volunteers.

Since winning election to the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Deputy Mayor Sue Kiley is leaving the Hazlet Township Committee to focus on countywide issues. It will be the first time in memory one of the county’s five Freeholders will hail from Hazlet Township.

Freeholder-elect Sue Kiley of Hazlet Township

Kiley will be sworn in on January 3 at 4 p.m. at Biotechnology High School in Freehold, at the Board of Chosen Freeholders reorganization meeting.

To fill her vacancy, three candidates will be presented to the Hazlet Township Committee from the Hazlet Republican Party. The Committee will vote publicly on their choice to replace Kiley. As of Jan 1, only one candidate has applied, and two more are needed, said Kiley.

Attending the reorganization meeting were Sen. Declan O’Scanlon, Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, Freeholders Lillian Burry and Gerard Scharfenberger, representatives from Holmdel Township, Brookdale Community College, appointees and family members.

Township Committee members receive a small salary for their service, which typically extends well past their attendance at twice-monthly public meetings. According to a Dec. 4 resolution, in 2018, the members paid themselves $4,590 annually, the mayor received $5.100.

The following professionals and volunteers were appointed by resolution:

Township Engineer: Greg Valesi of CME Associates

Township Attorney: James Gorman, Esq.

Labor Attorney: Matthew Giacobbe, Esq. of Cleary, Giacobe,
Alfierei & Jacobs

Township Auditor:Robert Allison of Holman, Frenia & Allison

Bond Counsel: Gibbons P.C.

Township Planner: Heyer, Gruel & Associates

Consulting Engineer: Robert Keady, Jr. of T&M Associates

Municipal Prosecutor for Hazlet and Matawan Court: Paul Granick, Esq.

Public Defender for Hazlet and Matawan Court: Raymond Raya, Esq.

Township Physician: Antonios Tsompanidis, DO, of Hazlet

Township Chiropractor: Staci Addessi, D.C. of Hazlet

Employee Assistance Consultant: Michael J. Khan, Ph.D, C.P.M., C.E.A.P. of Employee Consulting Associates, Maplewood

Confirmation of appointments of Township Fire Chief, First and Second Assistants: Joseph Sarro, Chief; 1st Assistant; Joseph J. Schroeck; 2nd Assistant Chris Oliva

Environmental Commission (mayor’s appointment): Ron Dente, Eugene Geer, Daniel Rothstein and Bob Friesendorf

Open Space Advisory Council: Bob Friensendorf, Daniel Nothstein, Joe Pobega, Annie Eng, Edward Young and Victor Iannello

Hazlet Township Safety Committee: Ken Lind, Ken Kruk. Gail Scaglione, Scott Mura, Ed Huber, Scott Aagre and Dennis Pino

Bayshore Regional Environmental Council: Mark White and Ron Dente. Added on Jan. 15, 2019: Walter Clark

Monmouth County Office of Aging municipal coordinator and alternate(mayor’s appointment): Bill Lawton and Lillian Lawton

Recreation Advisory Committee: Scott Whalen and Michael Christopher. Added on Jan.15 via Resolution S-6: Anthony Amodeo

Library Commission: Debra Mcmanus, Ellen Erven, Mark White. Added on Jan. 15, 2019 via Resolution S-5: Chris McManus, Leonid Rabovetsky and Tanya Moore

Green Team Advisory Committee: Barbara Ledja, Bob Friesendorf and Tara Clark – Township Committee Representative

Program for Public Information (PPI) Committee: (This group was formed in 2014 to enhance public safety, protect property and preserve the natural functions of floodplains, and to reduce flood insurance premiums for citizens of Hazlet); Scott Aagre, Tara Clark, Annie Eng, Joe Pobega, Joe Barris and Meghan Leavey. Added on Jan. 15: Bridget Neary.

Appraisers: Pamela Browdowski of BRB Valuation & Consulting Services as an independent appraiser to defend 2019 tax appeals; Realty Appraisal Co. to prepare appraisals for commercial, industrial and apartment buildings for 2019. (Both appointed on Jan. 15, 2019) .

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  1. Jim DiNardo And Barbara Ronchetti did not run in the election for Township committee. They chose not to run for their seats this year. So your statement that they lost is inaccurate. Please post a correction. The democratic candidates that did run and lost were John Bird and Ryan O’Steen

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