Pothole Patching Underway In Front of Raritan High School

HAZLET – The busy stretch of road in front of Raritan High School resembling the cratered surface of the moon got some smoothing-over today.

A Monmouth County Highway Division crew was out patching the potholes around 10 a.m., filling the deep holes with asphalt and tamping it down with shovel. The section of the Middle Road / County Road 516 is known for taking a beating by all the cars and buses and maintenance vehicles going in and out of the high school complex. But lately it had become so bad that drivers were trying to avoid riding over it by moving to the center of the road, which put a little fear in the hearts of drivers approaching in the other direction.

Potholes were patched on Middle Road today in Hazlet.
Middle Road, also known as County Road 516, takes a beating outside Raritan High School.

“Day by day, little by little, we’re just trying to get everything back in order,” said a crew member, as he worked.

He added he was particularly happy to be working this job, which he said he loved, and to be improving Hazlet on this mild winter day. “I travel these roads everyday,” he added.

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