The Neighborhood Names of Hazlet

A portion of a map of Raritan Township, now known as Hazlet Township, prior to 1875 showing old homesteads.

Originally incorporated as Raritan in 1848, the township had three sections: West Keansburg, North Centerville and Hazlet. The fire departments still carry those names. Because there were too many Raritans in the state, the township changed its name on Nov. 28, 1967 in remembrance of a local doctor who had his estate on Holmdel Road. But the high school is still known as Raritan High School.

West Keansburg still causes some confusion. It is, and always has been, part of Hazlet Township. Because Keansburg’s post office delivered the mail, it was called West Keansburg. It is located on both sides of Route 36 by Laurel Avenue, and on the “dry” side of Route 36 on Palmer Avenue. West Keansburg also includes all streets off South Laurel Ave, north of Clark Street/Scott Drive to the highway. The post office recently changed its policy, and residents now use Hazlet as their mailing addresses.

The information here has been culled from conversations on a Hazlet Facebook post about the lost names of Hazlet developments. We encourage corrections and additions. This is a fluid database. If you have any contributions, please make a comment at the end or send changes to

Alison Village, across from the High School, is near North Centerville Firehouse

Mechanicsville is an old name for the intersection of Holmdel and Bethany Roads.

Betsy Ross Estates, between Lillian Drive School and S. Laurel. Includes Barry Lane, Lisa and Region Drives.

Chestnut Hill is Knoll Terrace and Chestnut Drive

Cold Indian Springs is off Laurel Avenue, near Route 36

Coralwood is offBeers Street. That is Coral Drive, Atoll and Barrier.

Dana Estates is behind Holy Family School on Route 36

Fleetwood, named for a section off Middle Road. Streets there are named after colleges.

Foxwoodis behind ShopRite between Route 35 and the railroad tracks, off Hazlet Avenue.

Garden Parkway is near Sycamore Drive School, a section bound by Poole Avenue, Route 36, Middle Road andRoute 35.

Hidden Hills is off South Laurel Avenue, opposite Leocadia Court.

Lynn Manor is off Poole Avenue, at Franciscan Way, near Route36

Marc Heights is between Holmdel Road and Beers Street, near Bethany.

Poole Estates is behind Wawa and Taco Bell

Raritan Ridge is all the streets named after states, off Union and Middle Road.

Sterling Meadows is off Bethany, behind the former K-Mart shopping plaza.

Raritan Ridge Estates – Union Avenue, by Raritan Road.

Raritan Valley, off Bethany Road. All the streets are named for the counties of Ireland, except Cresci, which was the name of the family it was built on. Briscoe is named after a former mayor of Dublin.

Silver Springs is off Azee Drive.

Woodland Park – Between Hwy 36 (behind Holy Family School) to Middle Road and along Lynn Boulevard. Streets there include names of trees, places out west and famous authors.

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  1. FYI – Dana Estates is in Sayreville/Parlin, not Hazlet. It was the same builder as Linda Estates which is the old property behind Holy Family once owned by Farmer Joe. It consists of one house on Lynn Boulevard, all on Tara-Lin Drive and Rochelle.

    Also, North Centerville is an unincorporated community located within Hazlet Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. Like most of Hazlet, North Centerville is largely suburban. The settlement is located at the intersection of Middle Road (County Route 516) and Union Avenue in the center of the township.

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